Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Galileo by Mitch Stokes

This is a book about Galileo Galilei and some other men of science. I always thought of Galileo being an astronomer but find he was so talented in mathematics and physics. His father wanted him to be in medicine but that was not where Galileo's interest was. This was a very detailed book on theories and methods of experiments. Math and physics are not at the top of my list so I had problems with some of the details; my husband could understand the physics when I read part of the book to him.

I liked the personal touches about his family and his devotion to the Church; it made the reader understand the man himself. References like: He played the flute which probably reminded him of his father. Galileo had poor health and still continued to write by dictating his books after he was blind. That was so impressive think that someone was so positive in what he believed. Galileo was a faithful Catholic to the end. I finished this book during Holy Week. Galileo was allowed go to Mass during Holy Week but could not talk to anyone; the Church had a lot of control in those days.

Some names in the book that we have read in our history and science books are Aristotle, Euclid, Newton, Plato, Pope Urban Vlll, Archimedes and Copernicus to name a few.

Galileo is a detailed book and there is so much in this small book of less than 200 pages. I think anyone especially interested in science and math should read it. It is a re-read for the readers who have an intetest.

Mitch Stokes is a Fellow of Philosophy at New St. Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. His classes must be very interesting with the knowledge he has. I look forward to reading other books by him. The book, Galileo, peaks an interest in reading more of the Copernicus Theory.

I received a complimentary copy of Galileo from Thomas Nelson Publishers and The opinions are my own. Go to www. for a list of the Christian Encounters Series.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Story Teller Magazine

The Story Teller Tymes by Irish Monahan.

I received a complimentary copy of this online magazine to read and review from LibraryThing. The opinions are my own.

I reviewed the October issue about Halloween and things in the Fall Season. Lots of poetry and suggestions to help keep the children safe. There is a small charge for the magazines and can be in print or pdf.

This is also a free site for young children between the ages of 8-12. It is so educational and fun. There are sections for education, parents, exercise and more. The magazine may be downloaded or in print for a charge. There is so much on this site a young child could be kept busy for hours. They use U Tube for exercise and videos (I watched the one on sharks and it is a little strong) but the company suggests that you do his with your child and learn together and the parents can talk to their child/children about the topics.

The Index is: Playhouse News, Story Garden, Learning Center, Entertainment, Coloring Book, Irish's Backpack, Parent's Place and Contact Irish.

I am a grandmother and will check on some of the publications in their Book Shop for Christmas and/or birthdays.

They are looking for submissions.

Go to their site for more information. There is so much, I cannot put all the information here. This is a wonderful magazine and I do not think a parent or grandparent will be disappointed.

Leona Olson

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Doctor, Doctor by Lori Handeland

Doctor, Doctor by Lori Handeland is a nice romance about the boy and girl who live next door to each other in the small Wisconsin town of Pine River. As adults, they are rekindling their relationship they had as childhood friends.

This is a love story not only about a man and woman but also about love of a parent and a child, love of animals and a lost love. A fast reading book than has some love scenes which, I think, are well done.

Gwen Bartelt has moved to the city of Milwaukee and is an ER doctor. Her father is the doctor in Pine River, breaks a leg and needs her help. She takes over his practice for a month and only for a month she said as she is needed by her fiancee who is also a doctor at the same hospital in Milwaukee.

The boy, or man now, next door is Eli Drycinski who is a veterinarian in Pine River and loves the small town atmosphere. He has always been in love with Gwen and wants her to stay.

I liked the references to Eli's dogs, Elwood and Jake. These dogs, as my daughter's Golden, loves their tennis balls. At one point in the book, Eli is leaving and the dogs are hanging out their tongues and almost saying "Car Ride, Car Ride" and they get into the car.

Lots of memories of the childhood of Gwen and Eli, Gwen's mother who dies when Gwen was 2 years old and the school teacher whose age was unknown.

The story revolves around a number of characters who are all involved in some manner.

The author brings in the personal attributes of Wisconsin: the Polka, beer, families and food. Lori Handeland lives in Wisconsin. I live in Minnesota.

Not a real deep novel but one who most readers can relate. This is different than the author's series of the Moon books. I will give it four star.

You can order the e-book from for $2.99.

I received a complimentary copy of Doctor,Doctor from Smashwords. The opinions are my own.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl

Review of another Triple Threat Club book by Lis Wiehl with April Henry.

Three professional women in the book all have a personal story which captures the reader's heart and emotions.

Nicole Hedges is an FBI agent, Allison Pierce is a federal prosecutor and Cassidy Shaw is a TV crime reporter. The three met in college and one time shared a Triple Threat Chocolate Cake and so named themselves the Triple Threat Club.

The mystery is not who has done the crimes but makes you wonder how it will end. A page turner with many twists that will keep the reader interested. Elizabeth, or Sissy, is a cold blooded woman whose has a heart of ice as the book title refers. The reader is not sure what she will do next and how.

Murder, conceit, hate, love, tough love, guilt, worry, emotions and prayers and some of the tag words to describe Heart of Ice.

I could relate to the bruised arm in archery, I did that also when I was in high school and that brought back a memory for me, not a good one because it does hurt and sting. I also relate to turning on the TV and FOX comes on; happens in our house all the time.

The author really describes the breast biopsy of Nicole and you are almost with her as she describes the method. Your heart goes out to her.

Lis Wiehl is an attorney and it shows in the descriptions of grand jury and procedures police and the FBI use. I personally like a book when I can learn something.

No swear words (that I remember) or ones that begin with the f word that I am seeing so much now. God is mentioned a number of times and one I liked is when Allison is praying because of her sister, Lindsay, " Lord, give me a loving heart. Help me to see my sister through Your eyes". It is not a religious book and not a steamy book. A good read.

The last book, Hand of Fate, Allison had a miscarriage that broke your heart and in this book, Nicole faces the possiblility of breast cancer. The characters in these Triple Threat Club mysteries leave you with the feeling that these three women could be your sister, your best friend or someone you know at work.

The books, Face of Betrayal, Hand of Fate and Heart of Ice need not be read in order. There is a reading group guide at the end of the book that can be used for a book club.

 I received a complimentary copy of Heart of Ice to read and review from Thomas Nelson Publishers. Reviews are on The opinions are my own.