Friday, October 16, 2015

Review of The Silken Web by Sandra Brown

Book  Review of The Silken Web by Sandra Brown

Leona's Review:

I have had this book on my book shelf and decided it was time to read it. I almost stopped reading it a couple of times and about one-third of the way into the book, it improved for me. I was not ready for just sex and no substance in a book.

Kathleen and Erik meet at a child camp; she is camp director and he is a videographer. Kathleen is an orphan and spend many years at this camp as a child and is close to the owners.

Kathleen has never been with a man but that is changed in a couple of days of their meeting. 
Erik is in an airplane crash and as Kathleen waits at the hospital, she hears a woman tell the nurse she is Mrs. Gudjonsen, assumes she is his wife and leaves town to escape from him.
Her new life in San Francisco is her escape and there she meets Seth Kirchoff, the owner of the store and so Kathleen continues a job that is in her line of work which is fashion.

The book continues with a new beginning for Kathleen and Seth. Erik does enter the picture after a time period.
This is a good romance and some emotional scenes. There are also some sexual scenes and some bad language.  Thankfully, no "f" words.
I will say that on page 72 (paperback) the American flag is mentioned and I did like that.
I am giving it a 4 star rating because it did get better and I liked most of the characters.
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