Monday, March 15, 2010

Animals In Heaven?Catholics Want to Know

I won a book on to read and review called Animals In Heaven?Catholics Want to Know by Susi Pittman. Published by iUniversity,INC. Published 2009. I really find it interesting. This book has references to God's creatures and lots of passages. This is a book, only 121 pages, that can be left on a table and you can pick and choose a chapter to read when you have a minute. Part l:The Truth Out There, Part ll:Recognizing God's Plans, Part lll:The Way of the Soul, Part lV:Saints and the Animals, Part V:Personal Animal Miracles, Part Vl:Animals and Grief, Part Vll: I finished the book yesterday and there were a couple of chapters that were very emotional. I think most of us has had the experience of losing a pet and the heartbreak it brings us. Susi Pittman lost her husband from cancer and before he died, he encouraged her to write the book. I find her a very emotional and sincere person who lives and practices her faith and she does have faith. Order it for yourself or a gift for someone who loves their pet friend.

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