Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Iron House by John Hart

Iron House is the orphanage where Michael and Julian lived as small children, After the death of one bully by Julian, Michael takes the blame and leaves, His story of living on the streets of New York end when he is taken in by a mob boss, Otto Kaitlin. Michael is a killer but has never killed for hate but always because of a reason, he feels.

Elena is the pregnant girlfriend of Michael and does not know of his past life. Michael wants out of the life he now has and wants to marry Elena and begin a new life. Otto Kaitlin has died and now the mob wants to kill Michael.

Julian has been adopted by Abigail, a senator's wife. She had gone to Iron House to adopt two boys that had certain criteria but Michael had already left and she adopted Julian, a fragile and weak boy.

Both become adults in different ways; Michael is strong and Julian is weak.

This book is filled with surprising twists and turns; about the time the reader thinks they understand what is happening, there is someone or something added. Everything falls into place and the reader finds the connections. As a reader, I could feel the emotions of the characters, good or bad ones.

"Iron House" is full of violence and death; it is also filled with loyalty and caring.

I personally do not care for the language or violence in books but it seems to fit the characters and it is what helps makes "Iron House" such a thriller.

This is my first book by John Hart and I did like the book and the suspense it held for me.

I wish to thank John Hart for the opportunity to read and review "Iron House".

I received an Advance Reading Copy of this book from the author to read and review. The opinions are my own.

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