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J. R. R. Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien by Mark Horne is a small, 5 " X 7 ", powerful book about the author who wrote The Lord of the Rings and more.

Mark Horne begins this book when John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was in South Africa as a child of three years of age. Tolkien was born in South Africa on January 3, 1892 and he dies on September 2, 1973. The book takes Ronald, as he was called by his parents, through his young years, college years, his time spent in World War l, his marriage to Edith Mary Bratt, his children, his writings, his Catholic religion, his being a professor at Oxford and his close friends. There is a lot of information about World War l and how some of the war influenced some of his writings.

The author does a good job of using the names of Tolkien's associates and dates of activities. Tolkien knew several languages and liked to read a book in the original language when he could. His mother, Mabel Tolkien, home schooled Tolkien and his brother, Hilary before they entered formal schooling.

Because this book holds so many details, I am listing some names, places and occasions.

Beowulf, Viking Club, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Book of Lost Tales, Midgard of Norse Mythology, Middle English, Icelandic Language, Merton College, Oxford, England, Fredo and Sam, Fairies and Elfs, World War l and World War ll, C. S. Lewis, Germanic mythology, Father Francis Morgan, T.C.B.S. Club, Beren, Luthein and so much more.

Chapters are:

1. Between the Shire and Mordor, Part One (1892-1909)

2. Between the Shire and Mordor, Part Two (1892-1909)

3. Coming of Age (1910-1911)

4. Growing Up in Oxford (1911-1914)

5. The Coming of the Shadow (1915-1918)

6. Language and Legend, Part One (1918-1925)

7. Language and Legend, Part Two (1926-1937)

8. Hobbits and Epic Heroism (1938-1948)

9. The Worldwide Best Seller (1948-1973)

10. Legacy


Appendix: Bibliographical

About the Author

I liked this book and will give it a five star. There were so many details, I feel the author has encouraged the reader to read more on J.R.R. Tolkien and other writers that are mentioned in the book.

I received a complimentary copy from booksneeze to read and review. I wish to thank Mark Horne, Thomas Nelson Publishers and booksneeze for the opportunity to read and review. The opinions are my own.

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