Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Most Unsuitable Match

A most Unsuitable Match by Stephanie Grace Whitson.

The story begins in St. Charles, Missouri in 1869 and takes us to Montana. The main characters are searching for family, Fannie Rousseu is searching for her aunt and Samuel Beck is searching for his sister. After the death of her mother, Fannie and her servant, Hannah, take a riverboat to Montana to find the twin sister of her mother. The sisters were estranged and Edith is the only family member Fannie has left. She meets Samuel on the Delores, the riverboat, where he is working for passage. He is searching for his sister, Emma, who left home after their abusive father came home drunk again.

The journey takes them through loss of loved ones, accidents, sorrow, storms and new friendships. The descriptions of places in the book are great and the characters in the book make you feel you know them personally.

A most Unsuitable Match has Bible verses at the beginning of each chapter. Samuel carries his mother's Bible with him and reads as much as he can. He influences many people who not otherwise be exposed to the Bible and it's teachings.

Some other main characters are Hannah Pike, Lamar Davis, Abe Valley, Doctor Edmund LaMotte, Patrick LaMotte, Captain Otto Busch, Lame Bear and her best friend Minette who is in St. Charles.

Patrick and Minette are blind and this story tells how they overcome some of the problems of being blind.

No f words, no a** words and no sex. What a pleasure to read a love story of a man and a woman and love for others. Keep a tissue close to you in this heartwarming and sometimes sad book.

I give this a five star and look forward to another book by Stephanie Grace Whitson. I wish to thank the author, Bethany House Publishers for the complimentary copy of A Most Unsuitable Match to read and review.

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Angela said...

I haven't read the book but your review makes me want to read it. Nice blog.