Monday, August 6, 2012

Where Heaven Begins By Rosanne Bittner
The book begins August 4, 1898.
Elizabeth Breckenridge has just been informed by the church deacons that she must leave Reverend Selby's residence because of an incident that was not her fault. Now, left alone in the world with her parents dead and her brother in Alaska, she has an uncertain future.
Elizabeth has decided to go to Alaska to find her brother, Peter, who is a minister of a church in Dawson.
Her journey begins at the wharf in San Francisco as she prepares to board the Alaskan Damsel. Elizabeth sees all kinds of people also waiting to board: Chinese, Negroes, painted women, a couple of men that might be Eskimo as well as the men searching for gold. She has never been around people of different races even though her father did minister to everyone.
Elizabeth's purse is robbed by a man and as she is yelling, another man comes to her rescue and retrieves her bag. His name is Clint Brady, a bounty hunter who is going to Alaska to get a criminal.
Now the adventure and hardships begin. Clint and Elizabeth are the main characters of the book.
Where Heaven Begins is filled with quotes from the Bible and Elizabeth prays all the time. I found it a fast moving and page turning book. I will give it a five star because it really kept my attention. A book of history, love, hardships, emotions, patience and tolerance.
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Harvee Lau said...

Sounds like a good book! I like reading books set in Alaska - all the adventure!