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Book review A Collection of Old Time Recipes, Some Nearly One Hundred Years Old and Never Published.

Lydia Maria Gurney

A Collection of Old Time Recipes, Some Nearly One Hundred Years Old and Never Published.

New York 1914

I also found where you can download this book from Gutenberg for free.

This recipe book is a wonderful reminder of our past. Some of the things I remember my mother doing. Recipes, household hints, sewing hints.

German Toast:

1 Cupful of Milk 1 Egg Pinch of Salt 4 or 5 Slices of Bread

Beat together one egg, one cupful of milk, and a little salt. Dip slices of stale bread into this mixture, and fry on a griddle in butter or pork fat. Serve hot with butter and maple syrup.

Pies: Rolley Polys: Roll pie crust very thin and cut into strips four inches long and three inches wide. Over these spread jelly and lap the crust, pressing edges together. Brush over the top with milk and sprinkle over a little sugar. Bake fifteen minutes.

Preserves: Queen's Pudding: 1 Pint of Bread 1 Quart of Milk 3 Eggs 1 Cupful of Sugar 1 Teaspoonful of Butter 1 Lemon

Soak one pint of bread in a quart of milk till soft. Beat together the yolks of the eggs, sugar, butter, and the juice and rind of half a lemon. Stir all together and bake until it rises, about an hour and a half. When nearly cold, spread the top with jelly, and then the white of the eggs, beaten stiff. Brown in the oven. To be eaten cold.

Eggs: To Boil Eggs: Put your eggs into a bowl which can be sent to the table. Pour boiling water over them and let stand eight or nine minutes. It is essential that the water be boiling. This way of boiling eggs, though so simple, is going out of fashion, unfortunately, as it makes a wonderful difference in the appearance of the egg when broken open, and above all, in its digestibility. Eggs should never be boiled in any other way for invalids.

Old Time Gingersnaps: 1 Cupful of Molasses 1/2 Cupful of Butter or Lard 1 Teaspoonful of Soda 1 Teaspoonful of Ginger

Boil the molasses five minutes. Remove from the fire, and add soda, butter and ginger. When cooled a little, stir in the flour until thick enough to roll then roll thin as a postage stamp. Cut with a cookie-cutter, and bake in a hot oven, being careful not to burn, Shut in a tin pail. These will keep a long time.

The book contains recipes for:


Coffee Cakes, Doughnuts, Biscuits, Crullers, Fried Bread, German Toast, Griddle Cakes, Johnny Cakes, Popovers, Parker House Rolls, Cookies, Old Time Gingersnaps and more.


Molasses Candy, Taffy, Butterscotch and more.


Baked Apples, Cream Puffs, Floating Island, Coffee Jelly and more.


Boil, Eggs on Toast, Omelettes and more.


Clam Fritters, Lobster, Baked Shad and more.


A La Mode Beef, Brunswick Stew, Corn Beef Hash, Veal, Pork Chops and more.


Boston Baked Beans, Crackers Tea for Invalids, Grape Juice and more.


Pickled Cauliflower, Green Chopped Pickles, Chili Sauces, Chow Chow, Cold Catsup, Tomato Catsup, Piccalilli and more.


Rich Pie Crust, Pork Apple Pie, Chocolate Pie, Custard Pie, Cocoanut Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Rhubarb Pie, Cranberry Pie, Rhubarb Pie, Rolley Polys and more.


Crab Apple Jelly, Canned Cherries, Cranberry Jelly, Marmalades, Queen's pudding and more.


Chocolate Sauce, Cranberry sauce, Cream Mustard, Salad Dressings and more.


Connecticut Clam Chowder, Massachusetts Clam Chowder, New England Fish Chowder, Potato Soup and more.


Green Corn Fritter, Delicious Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Baked Tomatoes and more.


Household Hints Old and New For Housekeepers Young and Old.

Monday- Wash


Wednesday- Finish ironing and Bake

Thursday and Friday, Sweep and dust through

Saturday-Bake and prepare for the next day.

How to keep your hands white.

How to keep eggs.

How to lengthen the life of a broom.

How to make starch.

The proper way to sweep a room.

Length of time to cook meats and vegetables.

So many more tips that we would not use today but interesting.

I will give this a five star because it was it was a fun book to read.

Leona Olson

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