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Review of Widows of Eastwick




Book Description

 October 14, 2008
More than three decades after the events described in The Witches of Eastwick, Alexandra, Jane, and Sukie—widowed, aging, and with their occult powers fading—return for the summer to the Rhode Island town where they once made piquant scandal and sometimes deadly mischief. But what was then a center of license and liberation is now a “haven of wholesomeness” populated by hockey moms and househusbands primly rebelling against their absent, reckless, self-involved parents. With spirits still free but energy waning, the three women reconstitute their coven to confront not only this youthful counterspell of propriety but also the enmity of those longtime townsfolk who, through their youthful witchery, they irreparably harmed. In this wise and wicked satire on the way we make peace with our pasts, John Updike proves himself a wizard on every page.
Leona's Review:
I found this book at my local library.  I actually needed an author that last name began with U so I chose this one.
I have not read the first book or seen the movie; it happened to be on TV as I was reading the book but to be honest, it did not hold my attention so I did not watch all of it.
The book was about three ageing women/ witches trying to go back to Eastwick. Things have  changed as one finds when they return to the past.
The book was OK and maybe because I am in my 70s, it was somewhat  a little depressing. I did like the characters.
I felt there were too many happenings in the book but I did enjoy the travels and descriptions. I never got to Egypt but have been to China to see the Great Wall and Terra Cotta Warriors.
I will give it a 3 star for my rating.
Leona Olson

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