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Making the Case by Kimberly Guilfoyle

Review of Making the Case by Kimberly Guilfoyle

Making the Case: How to Negotiate Like a Prosecutor in Work and Life by Kimberly Guilfoyle

The co-host of Fox News’s popular opinion programs, The Five and Outnumbered, shares the skills she’s honed and the insights she’s garnered as a highly successful prosecutor and television personality to help readers learn how they too can “make the case” for themselves in all aspects of life

When Kimberly Guilfoyle was just ten years old she lost her mother to a battle with leukemia. Her father knew that he couldn't possibly anticipate all the needs of his children alone so he set out to teach Kimberly how to advocate for herself and for her younger brother. He instructed her on how to ask for what she needed and how to build a strong case to get it. Those valuable childhood lessons helped Kimberly become the quick-thinking spitfire she is today. In Making the Case she weaves stories and anecdotes from her life and career with specific strategies that can help anyone set clear goals, communicate more effectively, and come out on top in any situation.

Having been a prosecuting attorney, former First Lady of San Francisco and one of TV’s most sought-after legal analysts and opinion-shapers, Kimberly Guilfoyle is the quintessential expert at making the case. Now advocating for her readers, she shares tips on how to make the case for yourself in all realms of your life—personal and professional. Among the topics she advises on are:

• Getting hired
• Nailing a promotion
• Navigating a mid-life career change
• Managing personal finances
• Advocating for your health
• Minimizing family drama

Told in her appealing and persuasive voice, combining personal experience and time-tested counsel, Making the Case is an invaluable guide to helping you get the most from your life at home and at work.
Hardcover, 240 pages
Published April 7th 2015 by Harper
ISBN0062343971  (ISBN13: 9780062343970)

Leona's Review:
I checked out this book from my library because I watch Kimberly on FOX and she was talking about her new book.

This is a good book for young people and would be great for a discussion group in high school. Prepare the future young leaders of our country. No politics are involved.

There are many personal parts and it gets emotional at times. Kimberly talks about the death of her mother, how she helped raise her younger brother, their father and what he taught them, her in-laws and exes and especially of her young son, Ronan.

I love the story of Ronan, when he was 7 years old. He found a motor- cycle online he wanted to order and tried "making the case " of why he should have it. The motor- cycle was for the ages of 12 years and older so he did not get it but learned at a young age how to advocate for himself.

Making the Case is about Kimberly and how and why she has had so many responsible jobs such as working at the DA's office in San Francisco.
She became her own best advocate for what she wanted.

Do your research, make acquaintances with people, read, get involved, communicate, use a firm handshake, ask for that promotion and set goals are some suggestions she has in her book.

I am doing a different rating for Making the Case. I give it a 5 star for young people and a 4 star for my age, late 70s. Buy the book for a graduation, birthday or holiday gift for someone; it will be a useful tool in their lives.
Kimberly Guilfoyle lists many names of people she knows from work and other areas of her life. The Index is much appreciated.
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Chapter 1  How to Land the Best Job in the World
Chapter 2  Dressing for the Part
Chapter 3  Asking for a Promotion
Chapter 4  Standing Up fro Your Ideas
Chapter 5  Working as a Team
Chapter 6  Changing Careers
Chapter 7  Playing  by the Rules


Chapter 8  The Power of Friendships
Chapter 9  Dating and Marriage
Chapter 10 Money and Relationships
Chapter 11 Supporting Your Spouse
Chapter 12 Teaching Kids to Advocate fro Themselves
Chapter 13 Making Divorce Work for Everyone Involved
Chapter 14 Avoiding Family Drama
Chapter 15 Caring for Aging Parents
Chapter 16 Help! How to Ask for It, Receive It, and Give It

Leona Olson

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Ilinca Covreag said...

Great review. Congrats! I've also read this book and, beyond my expectations I discovered an inspirational lecture. I've also pulled some nuggets from it - as powerful and shareable thoughts for later - here You may find them interesting...