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Review of Rewritng History by Vera Dodge

Review of Rewriting history by Vera Dodge
From the back of the book:
Mary’s Mystery Bookshop is hosting a very special guest: beloved mystery author Addison Hartley. Hartley gives an intimate reading to the fans gathered in the story, but Mary’s eyes are drawn not to the famous author but to a familiar face in the crowd. Could it be Mary’s best friend from childhood, Claire Wilkes? As soon as Mary moves to greet her old friend, the woman disappears. Mary is certain it was Claire, but no one else seems to have recognized her and Mary begins to doubt herself. But when Mary reads Hartley’s new novel, she finds eerie parallels to her own history. And when terrible rumors surface around town about a secret relationship between Claire and Mary’s husband John, Mary is more determined than ever to track down Claire. What brought her to Mary’s store? When did she run away? What was her connection to the best-selling novel? And, more importantly, were the rumors about Claire and Mary’s husband true?
Leona's Review:
This is my first read by Vera Dodge and my first read of the Secrets of Mary's Bookshop series.  Rewriting History is book #2 of the series. On, there is a list of 16 books in this series and by several different authors so I am gathering the books are all stand alone reads, as this one was.
Mary is a widow and has bought a bookstore in the small town of Ivy bay that will take the reader to the similar area of Cape Cod.  She lives with her sister, Betty.
At one of the book signings at her bookstore, she thinks she sees an old friend. The book written by Addison Hartley, is so similar to her life and details of the friendship between her, her husband and her friend.
No murder in this mystery but a mystery of what really happened 40 years ago in the lives of the three and why the friendship ended.
The book flows easily and has other characters such as a pastor and his grandson, the employee at the bookstore and her daughter and the sister of Mary. I can see  other books follow up on some of the other characters.
I like the scenery descriptions of the area.  At the back of the book is a recipe for chocolate covered pretzel ice cream that sounds good.
Mary prays often in the book asking for guidance and the prayers to me are something many of us do on a routine basis.  This is a book about sister love, the  loss of and finding friendship, loss of a husband, good friends and a hope for the future.
There is "A Conversation with Vera Dodge" at the back of the book that is interesting.
I bought this book at Goodwill.  I will probably read other books in the series.
It is published by Guidepost Publications.
I give this a 4 star rating.
Leona Olson

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