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Book Review of The Man His Father Was by Pat Leonard

The Man His Father Was
From the back of the book:
Puritan neighbors whose morals they did not share. Finally driven from Massachusetts by way of the notorious Salem courthouse, and hastened by the bloodiest conflict on American soil, they arrived in what seemed to be a paradise by comparison – only to discover they had traded persecution for political anarchy.
Spanning 139 years – from the original settlements in New England through the crisis of the American Revolution – The Man His Father Was brings to life some of early America’s most memorable events and noteworthy personalities. With documented appearances by both the famous and infamous – including colonial patriarchs, military leaders, Indian sachems, inventors, murderers, itinerant preachers, healers, educators, and a brilliant and beautiful poetess whose sparkling works have only recently been rediscovered – this is a rags-to-riches-to-rags epic that demolishes the notion that our forefathers were uniformly pious and cheerless.
And most of the story is true.
Leona's Review:
This book is fiction but based on real characters of American History.  Pat Leonard has really brought the past into a personal story for the reader  .
The book begins in New Jersey in 1695 in Massachusetts and ends in Pennsylvania in 1863. It is divided into four sections with a Leonard giving the story in first person.
There is a map in the front of the book as well as the family tree of the Leonard family.  A list of some historical figures are also on the page with dates of the births and deaths of the people.

There are some illustrations: The Furnace and Forge at the Saugus Ironworks, The Keith Line 1687 Map by John P. Snyder, The fort at Loyalhanna (Ft. Ligonler) and Soldiers' huts at Jockey Hollows, Massachusetts, Nassau Hall, Gloria Dei (Old Swedes) Church, Philadelphia and Margaret Leonard's Headstone, Princeton Cemetery.
What a good book to read for anyone interested in the history of America. Book One is Samuel, Book Two is James, Book Three is Infant-John and the last section is John Jr.
Many historical figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Aaron Burr. I did not know many of the characters that helped make our country. Annis Boudinot Stockton and her husband, Richard. Richard was one of the signers of The Declaration of Independence and Annis was an American poet and one of the first women to be published in the Thirteen Colonies.
These were harsh days for the Leonard families as well as good days. It gets very emotional as we read of the struggles of everyday life and the fight for the freedom of America.
I do genealogy for my family tree. The Man His Father Was is one of the best examples of a family history that I have ever read.The book is written as a novel but I felt it put the reader in the time period and was involved in the personal lives of the Leonard families.
The book is dedicated to Sam.
A wonderful book for a gift for your family or anyone you know interested in  the history of America. 
I received a signed compliment copy of The Man His Father Was from and the author, Pat Leonard.
I definitely give this book a 5 star rating. The opinions are my own.
Leona Olson

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