Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Doctor, Doctor by Lori Handeland

Doctor, Doctor by Lori Handeland is a nice romance about the boy and girl who live next door to each other in the small Wisconsin town of Pine River. As adults, they are rekindling their relationship they had as childhood friends.

This is a love story not only about a man and woman but also about love of a parent and a child, love of animals and a lost love. A fast reading book than has some love scenes which, I think, are well done.

Gwen Bartelt has moved to the city of Milwaukee and is an ER doctor. Her father is the doctor in Pine River, breaks a leg and needs her help. She takes over his practice for a month and only for a month she said as she is needed by her fiancee who is also a doctor at the same hospital in Milwaukee.

The boy, or man now, next door is Eli Drycinski who is a veterinarian in Pine River and loves the small town atmosphere. He has always been in love with Gwen and wants her to stay.

I liked the references to Eli's dogs, Elwood and Jake. These dogs, as my daughter's Golden, loves their tennis balls. At one point in the book, Eli is leaving and the dogs are hanging out their tongues and almost saying "Car Ride, Car Ride" and they get into the car.

Lots of memories of the childhood of Gwen and Eli, Gwen's mother who dies when Gwen was 2 years old and the school teacher whose age was unknown.

The story revolves around a number of characters who are all involved in some manner.

The author brings in the personal attributes of Wisconsin: the Polka, beer, families and food. Lori Handeland lives in Wisconsin. I live in Minnesota.

Not a real deep novel but one who most readers can relate. This is different than the author's series of the Moon books. I will give it four star.

You can order the e-book from for $2.99.

I received a complimentary copy of Doctor,Doctor from Smashwords. The opinions are my own.

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