Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Galileo by Mitch Stokes

This is a book about Galileo Galilei and some other men of science. I always thought of Galileo being an astronomer but find he was so talented in mathematics and physics. His father wanted him to be in medicine but that was not where Galileo's interest was. This was a very detailed book on theories and methods of experiments. Math and physics are not at the top of my list so I had problems with some of the details; my husband could understand the physics when I read part of the book to him.

I liked the personal touches about his family and his devotion to the Church; it made the reader understand the man himself. References like: He played the flute which probably reminded him of his father. Galileo had poor health and still continued to write by dictating his books after he was blind. That was so impressive think that someone was so positive in what he believed. Galileo was a faithful Catholic to the end. I finished this book during Holy Week. Galileo was allowed go to Mass during Holy Week but could not talk to anyone; the Church had a lot of control in those days.

Some names in the book that we have read in our history and science books are Aristotle, Euclid, Newton, Plato, Pope Urban Vlll, Archimedes and Copernicus to name a few.

Galileo is a detailed book and there is so much in this small book of less than 200 pages. I think anyone especially interested in science and math should read it. It is a re-read for the readers who have an intetest.

Mitch Stokes is a Fellow of Philosophy at New St. Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. His classes must be very interesting with the knowledge he has. I look forward to reading other books by him. The book, Galileo, peaks an interest in reading more of the Copernicus Theory.

I received a complimentary copy of Galileo from Thomas Nelson Publishers and The opinions are my own. Go to www. for a list of the Christian Encounters Series.

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