Saturday, May 14, 2011

No He Can't: How Barack OBama is Dismantling Hope and Change

 How Barack Obama is Dismantling Hope and Change

This is a very factual book and good read for anyone no matter what party they belong or like.

Kevin McCullough has facts on Barack Obama since he became Senator of Illinois. He has dates, figures and statements that the reader may or may not remember.

I did not realize one of Obama's first votes was to let babies die from late term abortions. Page xviii'

Over and over the author the uses the term "We the People" in his book.

There are four sections: Part One: Economics; Part Two: National Insecurity; Part Three: Erosion of Rights and Part Four: Accountability to Caesar. At the end of most chapters, Kevin McCullough has a section of "Time for a Bit of Clarity". The author has facts to stand behind what he is writing.

Cash for Clunker facts on page 25, tells how We the People spend 2 billion for 250,000 junk cars.

On Health Care, CNN/Opinion poll from August 2, 2009 reported that only 23 percent wanted this bill. Page 64.

On page 150-151 is when the Cambridge Police "acted stupidly".

Many name are in this book of people and places and organizations. Some are: Ronald Regan, President Bush. Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, Kevin Jennings, bin Laden, John Kerry, Kevin Jennings, Major Nidal Hasan ( Fort Hood), Warren Buffet and Megyn Kelly(page 180 for her toughness). (( I picked these names from the book and they are not in any order-Leona)).

I think this is a book for old and young. Hopefully it can get through some heads that America is We the People. Kevin McCullough is a Conservative and it shows in is writings.

I first saw this book on Huckabee on FOX and requested it from Thomas Nelson Publishers to read and review. This book was complimentary but the opinions are my own. I laughed at the title because I felt it was telling Obama he can't take from us. This is a serious book. Read it and share your opinions.

Mike Huckabee wrote a foreword for No He Can't: How Barack Obama is Dismantling Hope and Change.

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Sharon Henning said...

This is a good review. I'm sure the book is really good. I'll probably have to take high blood pressure medicine to get through it, though, FYI I also reviewed Galileo if you'd like to read mine.