Sunday, February 5, 2012

It Is Dangerous to be Right When the Government Is Wrong By Judge Andrew Napolitano

It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong ,The Case for Personal Freedom is a thought inspiring book by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano. He is on FOX News (FNC) and FOX Business (FBN) as a consultant and also has his own show on Fox Business, Freedom Watch. The Judge is a Libertarian.

This is not a book easily read without getting upset. Although, I do not agree with the Judge on many views, he is so right, as far as I am concerned, that our government is over the edge. I think this book should be in college or high school classrooms for discussions. The book is dedicated to Congressman Ron Paul, a Republication from Texas, who is now running for president. I found it somewhat hard to concentrate sometimes on the content because it got technical and I thought lawyer "talk".

For those who watch the Judge, you will see his finger pointing and hear his loud voice but you will not hear his laughter. Judge Napolitano has his opinions and they are in this book.

These are the chapters and they identify his views.

Author's Note: Is Freedom a Myth of a Reality?

Introduction: Where Do Our Rights Come From?

Chapter 1: Jefferson's Masterpiece: The Declaration of Independence

Chapter 2: Get Off My land: The Right to Own Property

Chapter 3: Names Will Never Hurt Me: The Freedom of Speech

Chapter 4: I Left My Rights in San Francisco: The Freedom of Association

Chapter 5: You Can Leave Any Time You Want: The Freedom to Travel

Chapter 6: You Can Leave Me Alone: The Right to Privacy

Chapter 7: Hands Off: You Own Your Body

Chapter 8: Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones: The Right to Self-Defense

Chapter 9: You'll Hear from Me: The Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances

Chapter 10: War...War...What is it Good For?: The Right to Enjoy Peace

Chapter 11: When the Devil Turns Round on You: The Right to Fairness from the Government

Chapter 12: A Dime Isn't Worth a Penny Anymore: The Right to Sound Money

Chapter 13: Theft by Any Other Name: The Right to Spend Your Own Money

Chapter 14: A Ride on Dr. Feinberg's Bus: The Right to be Governed by Laws with Moral Issues

Chapter 15: Ignoring Stupidity: The Right to Reject the State




About the Author

Some notes I have taken are: The role of Government is to protect us (page xii); Liberty at last (xiii); Natural Law (page 197); Due Process (page 178); Wavier of Rights (page 179); Silly Laws (page 182); Tripartite nullification (page 196); Cartel (page 209); FDIC (page 211); Taxation violates natural property rights (page 222); Government is the negative of liberty (page 249) and Our natural rights (page 259).

I received a complimentary copy of It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong, The Case for Personal Freedom to read and review from Thomas Nelson Publishers and The opinions are my own.

I will give this book 5 star rating.

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