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Book Review of Revenge at Bella Terra by Christina Dodd

Revenge at Bella Terra by Christina Dodd
Chole is going to California to stay at Eli Di Luca's house to finish her second mystery novel. Her father has offered money for Eli to save his vineyard if he will marry her and produce a grandchild; Chole does not know Eli is the one this time that her father chose because this is not the first time her father has done this. She is driving from Austin, Texas to the Santa Rosa area where her father, Conte, has arranged a place for her to finish her book at Eli's home. First impressions are not favorable for either Eli or Chole. Eli is from an Italian family in the wine country of California. He is very close to his grandmother, Nonna, but there is a hidden secret he carries. Chole's father is an Italian and her mother is ;;;;
The book is full of mystery, family, wine, death, hate, fear and some love. A lot of twists and the end was a surprise to me.
I especially liked the Italian grandmother; my grandmother spelled it with one n, Nona.
This is the first book I have read by Christina Dodd and found it fast moving with lots of twists and turns. It is the second book of the series but still able to be read on it's own.
I did not find it "romantic" as in some books I have read but a different love in that one cares.
I will add when Chloe drove through West Texas, it was described as a god-forsaken place with tarantulas and dust storms. True, we do have sandstorms and tarantulas but I love the area even though I now live in the Land of Lakes of Minnesota. When Chloe had a flat tire, she knew a Texas man would stop and help her. I will add that I used to say, "Drive to West Texas from Austin and people pull over to the shoulder so you can pass; when you drive to Houston from Austin to go east, they pull more into the center lane". I lived in the Austin area, Round Rock, for ten years.
I will give it a 4 star because of the actions, mystery and so many surprises. I look forward to Betrayal, the next book in the Bella Terra series.
I got this book from my library.
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