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The Dark Age Survivors Of The Pulse by Jeff Horton

The Dark Age
Survivors Of The Pulse
Jeff W. Horton
World Castle Publishing
Pensacola, Florida
Copyright © Jeff W. Horton 2011
ISBN: 9781937085872
Library of Congress Catalogue Number 2011928105
First Edition World Castle Publishing July 15, 2011
Licensing Notes
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner
whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied
in articles and reviews.
Cover Artist: Spittyfish Designs
Editor: Beth Price


"PrologueIt has been five-hundred years since the Pulse bathed the earth in a brilliant flash, instantly ending the Golden Age of humanity. At the speed of light, it destroyed modern technology all over the planet, ushering in the Great Collapse, and the conclusion of ten-thousand years of civilization. There had been no time to prepare, for the end came without warning. The cause of the cataclysm remained a mystery however, until one night people looked to the skies during the time of the Great Collapse, and found a new, beautiful, heavenly light there. Scientists soon uncovered the painful truth behind the fantastic lights; the Pulse was not alone when it struck the earth. The appearance of the powerful electromagnetic pulse had coincided with the arrival of a significant coronal mass ejection from the sun, trapping the power of the Pulse in the earth’s magnetic field, creating a brilliant, nightly light show, similar to the aurora borealis in appearance, which came to be known as The Effect.

The terrible consequence of the Effect kept the people of the Golden Age from re-building the most advanced civilization in human history. Gradually, over the course of time, more and more of the accumulated knowledge that existed during the Golden Age began to fade from human memory. The abrupt loss of all modern technology had been a shock to the world’s collective system, a catastrophe from which it was unable to recover. The subsequent descent into the darkness that began during the Great Collapse continued well into the period known as the Dark Age. After several hundred years, the rapid decline of civilization eventually leveled off, leaving humanity at a level of technology comparable to life during the Middle Ages, a time when illiteracy was the rule instead of the exception, and the world was ruled by the sword, and by the bow.

The Holy Christian Church, which has existed since the time of Christ, has now survived two dark ages. The unified Church has been the only light of hope for the people of the Dark Age, maintaining a continual presence in Rome, which serves as the nerve center of the Church, and a beacon of hope to Christian pilgrims from all over the world.

The Warrior Clan, founded during The Great Collapse by a group of ex-soldiers and civilians, maintains enclaves scattered throughout the Outlands. Shunning contact with the outside world since its inception, members of the Warrior Clan are disciplined fighters, constantly striving to perfect their martial skill. They are recognized and feared throughout the known lands as fierce and accomplished warriors.

Urbas inhabit the crumbling meros, all that remains of the great urban metropolises that once dotted the surface of the Earth. Living together in packs of twenty or more, they are the descendants of the few men and women that remained in the great cities during the Great Collapse. They survive by preying on outsiders and on each other, with allegiance to no one other than their pack, and themselves. The balance of humanity clusters in small, scattered villages, working mostly as farmers.

The Dark Age is a harsh and unforgiving time. The Golden Age and the Ancients are now largely remembered only in bedtime stories for small children. Just as the light always burns brightest in the darkness however, hope remains as some cling stubbornly to their faith, praying that one day the light of civilization will return. For among the many stories passed down from generation to generation over the centuries there exists an ancient prophecy, dating from the time of the Great Collapse. The prophecy holds that one day a sign would appear from God, announcing to believers that the time had come to find and activate the Great Oracle of Knowledge, giving the world the opportunity to emerge from the great darkness, into a glorious new Golden Age."
Dark Ages, Survivors of the Pulse by Jeff W. Horton.
The dedication is: For my family, and my God.
The time period is five hundred years since the Pulse ended the Golden Age of humanity and ushered in the Great Collapse. Pope John Paul V is waiting for a sign to find the Oracle that will tell the people how to regain civilization as it was once known. There are really three classes of people now: Warrior Clans, Urbas who live in the meros ( once metropolitans) and ones who live in small villages, mainly farmers
There are 7 pieces of a map around the world that tells where to find the Great Oracle of Knowledge.
The clues where the pieces are: "seven clues listed in the book, written in Latin, which will, I believe, tell us where the pieces of the map are located.
Clue Number 1- Qua Valde Era lux lucis via.
Clue Number 2- Qua Barbatus Vir Sits.
Clue Number 3-Urbs of ventus.
Clue Number 4-Qua quietis miles militis sileo.
Clue Number 5- Qua Democracy Eram Prognatus.
Clue Number 6- Valde urbs of Crocus Vir.
Clue Number 7- Urbs of Silicis - Vir in Gero." Page 81
A Brother and a Clansman are in charge of searching for each one of the maps throughout the world. The one thing they have in common is restoring the world to civilization again.
Anyone interested in a post-apocalypse novel will certainly like this book. This book caught my attention from the beginning and kept it until the end. I am usually pretty good about predicting the end of a book but this one had me way off. I added the prologue so the reader (s) could get a better idea of the book. I wish to thank the author, Jeff W. Horton, for the complimentary e-book copy of this e-book to read and review. I will give this book a 5 star. There is violence, no bad language or sex. The opinions are my own.
Leona Olson
Ferrell Young- a guide who takes the Pilgrims to the ships so they can go to Rome
Pope John Paul V- the leader of the Holy Christian Church- no longer Catholics or Protestants, only Christians. His name was Henry before he became Pope.
Alex Montgomery-helping the Warrior Clan find the book
Hannah Montgomery- the twelve year old daughter of Alex
Kraken- a cruel person who wants to rule
Darius- a young twenty-five priest
Brother Mark
Brother Phillip- cousin to Darius
Cardinal Daniel
Pope Matthew- Pope during the Great Collapse
Brother Sebastian- looking for the book that will help lead to the Oracle
Captain Marsh- captain of the pirate ship
General Collins- made to work for Kraken under pressure to protect his family
Jessica- Medina -held captive by Kraken
Bokra- a clansman
Tara- sister of Ferrell
Ariel- loves Ferrell
Julius- a clansman
Brother Francis
Sanjo-a clansman
Brother O'Reilly
Lord Sarkota- teacher of Ferrell
Sergei- friend of Ferrell
Yoshi- a clansman
Captain Abihu-captain of the Nemesis
Brother Wayne
Norris- clansman
The Unity- a group of clergy and scientists
Brother Dan
Manasa- a clansman
Dedication (pg 3)
Prologue (pg 4)
Chapter One- Pilgrims (pg 6)
Chapter Two- The Expedition (pg 11)
Chapter Three- Kraken (pg 16)
Chapter Four-Vatican City (pg 21)
Chapter Five- Exhausted (pg 26)
Chapter Six- The Book (pg 35)
Chapter Seven- Brother Ramos (pg 43)
Chapter Eight- An Old Friend (pg 47)
Chapter Nine- The Sign (pg 53)
Chapter Ten- The Puzzle (pg 56)
Chapter Eleven- The Mountains (pg 60)
Chapter Twelve- The Ocean (pg 64)
Chapter Thirteen- The Enclave (pg 68)
Chapter Fourteen- The Coming Storm (pg 71)
Chapter Fifteen- The Council Meeting (pg 76)
Chapter Sixteen- The Clue (pg 80)
Chapter Seventeen- The Healer (pg 84)
Chapter Eighteen- The Spy (pg 87)
Chapter Nineteen- The First Map (pg 90)
Chapter Twenty- The Second Map (pg 99)
Chapter Twenty one- The Road Back (pg 108)
Chapter Twenty two- The Third Map (pg 110)
Chapter Twenty three- The Fourth Map (pg 117)
Chapter Twenty four- Rerouting (pg 122)
Chapter Twenty five- The Fifth Map (pg 126)
Chapter Twenty six- The Effect (pg 131)
Chapter Twenty seven- The Sixth Map (pg 136)
Chapter Twenty eight- The Final Map (pg 142)
Chapter Twenty nine- Breaking Points (pg 146)
Chapter Thirty- Bokra (pg 151)
Chapter Thirty one- The Assault (pg 156)
Chapter Thirty two- Two Armies (pg 160)
Chapter Thirty three- Rallying the Troops (pg 163)
Chapter Thirty four- The Deciding Strategy (pg 165)
Chapter Thirty five- The Day Before (pg 168)
Chapter Thirty six- The Night Before (pg 175)
Chapter Thirty seven- Preparations (pg 178)
Chapter Thirty eight- The Final Battle (pg 184)
Chapter Thirty nine- The Stronghold (pg 192)
Chapter Forty- The Map (pg 195)
Chapter Forty one- The Founders (pg 200)
Chapter Forty two- Making Plans (pg 206)
Chapter Forty three- Following the Map (pg 209
Chapter Forty four- The Lake (pg 214)
Chapter Forty five- Into the Darkness (pg 217)
Chapter Forty six- An Old Acquaintance (pg 221)
Chapter Forty seven- The Great Oracle (pg 226)
Chapter Forty eight- After the Darkness (pg 232)
Epilogue (pg 234)

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