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Book Review of Death on Dartmoor by Dara England

Death on Dartmoor by Dara England
Millicent Wright and her mother have arrived from America to visit Sir Oliver Longbourne whom they met in Chicago. Sir Oliver invited them to visit and the main reason they come is Mrs. Wright is looking for a husband for her daughter.

Sir Oliver is murdered in one of the first chapters and thus begins the search for the person who killed him.

This is a quick read and it leads the reader into following clues to the murders(s).

This is the first book I have read by Dara England and I will give it a 4 star.

I loved the descriptions of Buckfast hall as well as the other places in the book.
No sex and no bad language which was appreciated.


Millicent Wright- from America (Chicago), her father died 6 years ago and was a wealthy financier.
Mrs. Wright- mother of Millicent
Sir Oliver Longbourne
Phillip-son of Sir Oliver (about 10 years old)
Joanna Longbourne- Wife of Sir Oliver
Miss Caroline Longbourne- sister of Oliver
Lady Longbourne- grandmother of Sir Oliver
Colonel Quinlan- brother-in-law of Sir Oliver
Detective Abel Lockwood
Lady Edith- guest of Oliver
Amelia Shepherd- a possible romantic interest of Sir Oliver
Clara - a maid
Billy- a servant accused of theft of cuff links of Sir Oliver
Buckfast Hall- home of Sir Oliver
Village of Buckfastleigh on Dartmoor, Devonshire, England
Mrs Wardly's party in Chicago where Millicent and Sir Oliver met

It is part of a series of An American Heiress Mystery.

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