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Review of A Heart's Home by Colleen Coble.

Review of A Heart's Home by Colleen Coble


A Heart's Home (A Journey of the Heart #6)by Colleen Coble

This Christmas, a tragic loss at Fort Laramie ushers in hope and healing. When a young mother dies after giving birth at Fort Laramie, Emmie Croftner is shaken by the death of her dear friend--and reminded of the dangers of childbirth. She won't be able to hide her own pregnancy much longer. She's dreading the day that Isaac Liddle, the handsome soldier she adores, discovers her secret. Then the young infant's father offers a solution: Emmie should marry him so the child can have a family. With the Sioux Wars threatening soldier and civilian alike, a ready-made family could be the answer to Emmie's prayers for safety. But at what cost to her heart--and Isaac's?

Leona's Review:

This is the last book of the series of Journey of the Heart.

The books are very short in pages but strong in the content. I have enjoyed the journey however each book can be read as a stand alone book.

This book has a lot of emotions as well as the other ones. The beginning of the book has a death of a young mother in childbirth. Emmie had promised her friend she would marry her husband and raise the child. Emmie is in love with Isaac but has yet to tell him that her marriage was not a real marriage and a fake. Her "husband " is dead and she is carrying his child. Isaac knows she is going to have a baby but not the secret of the "husband". The promise to her friend has her questioning what to do.

The story begins December 18,1866 at Fort Phil, Kearny, Wyoming Territory.
The reader again sees the hardships of the Old West with the weather, Sioux uprisings and problems while living in this time era. There is also close friendships and hope.
The book is dedicated to: In memory of my brother Randy Rhoads, who taught me to love the mountains of Wyoming, and my grandparents Everett and Eileen Everroad, who loved me unconditionally. May you walk those heavenly mountains with joy.

I am giving it a 5 star rating because it was a good read and a Christian read. No bad language.

I hate to see the series end but look forward to other books by Colleen Coble.

Colleen Coble maybe reached at:
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I received a complimentary copy of A Heart's Home by Colleen Coble from to read and review. The opinions are my own.
This is a Thomas Nelson published book.

The books in Journey of the Heart series are A Heart's Disguise, A Heart's Obsession, A Heart's Danger, A Heart's Betrayal, A Heart's Promise and the last is A Heart's Home.
Leona Olson

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Review of Grace Under Pressure by Julie Hyzy

Review of Grace Under Pressure by Julie Hyzy
Grace Under Pressure (Manor House Mystery #1) by Julie Hyzy (Goodreads Author)

From the author of the successful White House Chef mysteries.

Everyone wants a piece of millionaire Bennett Marshfield, owner of Marshfield Manor, but now it's up to a new curator Grace Wheaton and handsome groundskeeper Jack Embers to protect dear old Marshfield. But to do this, they'll have to investigate a botched Ponzi scheme, some torrid Wheaton family secrets-and sour grapes out for revenge.
Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages
Published June 1st 2010 by Berkley
Leona's Review:
This is my first read by Julie Hyzy and one I enjoyed.
Grace Wheaton is the assistant curator at Mansfield Manor and wants the position of Abe when he retires; Grace is still in the probation stage.
Abe Vargas is found murdered at the Manor and Grace finds herself in charge.
Her assistance, Frances, is very good at her job but too inquisitive I found.
Bennett Marshfield is the owner of the Manor.
The gardener is Jack Embers and this may lead to a romantic interest in future books, I think.
Grace has the two roommates, Bruce and Scott, who own the local wine shop called Amethyst Wines.
There are the overworked detectives who find a murder is not what they usually have in the small town of Emberstowne.
There is also Ronny Tooney, a wannabe detective.
Other characters are in the book and some I thought may be in the future series.
This book has more than a murder scene; there is also a scam scene, a Ponzi scheme, secret doorways and rooms and family secrets.  There is a Victorian home in need of repair which was inherited by Grace from her mother and her grandmother.  Grace's grandmother worked at the Mansion and Grace had been there many times as a child. At one time it was said "was the house cursed?' but that is as far as that got.
The list of the Manor House Mysteries are: Grace Under Pressure ( June 7, 2010), June 5, 2012), Grace Interrupted ( June 7, 2011), Grace Among Thieves (Grace Takes Off ( July 2, 2013), Grace Against the Clock (July 12, 2014) and Grace Cries Uncle (July 7, 2015).
I will give this a 4 star rating and will read the other books in the series.
Leona Olson


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Review of The Tide Watchers by Lisa Chaplin

Review of The Tide Watchers by Lisa Chaplin

The Tide Watchers: A Novel by Lisa Chaplin

In the winter of 1803, one woman stands between Napoleon and the fall of Great Britain

The free-spirited daughter of an English baronet, Lisbeth defies convention by eloping to France. When her husband abandons her,  she must find a way to survive and be reunited with her young son, who is in the care of her mother-in-law.

A seasoned spy known as Tidewatcher,  Duncan apprenticed under Lisbeth's father and pledged to keep his mentor's pretty daughter safe—a promise complicated by the wily Napoleon Bonaparte. The British believe he is planning an attack, and Duncan is sent to search for  signs of invasion on the French coast—where he draws dangerously close to adventurous and unpredictable Lisbeth.

A sensational new invention may shift the tide of a French victory. A brilliant and eccentric American inventor named Robert Fulton has devised a deadly weapon that can decimate an enemy's fleet. To protect English ships, Tidewatcher must gain control of Fulton's invention and cross enemy lines . . . but he cannot do it alone. Left with no other options, he enlists Lisbeth's help in outwitting the American inventor and uncovering Bonaparte's secret plans.

Going undercover for the handsome and duty-bound spy, Lisbeth risks her freedom and her life as she navigates double agents and submarine warfare to outwit the greatest military tactician in history. The only question is . . . who can she trust?

Leona's Review:

I saw this book listed on one of the book sites and because I have an interest in Napoleon Bonaparte so I checked it out from my local library.

The main characters are Lisbeth Delacorte and Duncan Aylsham. Lisbeth is married to Alain Delacorte, a French spy and the father of Lisbeth's young son.  Duncan is a King's Man and Commander of a spy ship, code name Tidewatcher.

The son of Lisbeth and Alain has been taken away from Lisbeth and is cared for by her mother-in-law.  Lisbeth is not to have contact with her son and what she wants most in life is to get her son back.

Duncan is a friend of her father, Sir Edward Sutherland, also a King's Man and he wants Duncan to protect Lisbeth.

This is a fast moving book with spies, submarines, some touches of love, the English, Napoleon Bonaparte, the French, war, historical and fiction characters, Joseph Fouche, Thomas Pitt and so many more. The reader sees family influence and heartaches as well as a lot of emotions. No real bad language but i felt an overuse of the word, whore.
I was thankful for the list of characters at the beginning of the book witch had both fiction and historical characters listed. The map at the front was also helpful.

For the first historical book written by Lisa Chaplin, she did a great job on her research and details. My only complaint is the end of the book which was so abrupt. Other reviewers had the same feeling.

I especially liked Robert Fulton and his submarines in the picture. The author has done a lot of research about submarines or completely fooled me. I was impressed.

I had to check the Net to find the English called Napoleon "Boney".  If it was in the book, I missed it.

The book refers to The Treaty of Amiens which temporarily ended hostilities between the French Republic and Great Britain during the French Revolutionary Wars. It was signed in the city of Amiens, France on 25 March 1802 and more historical events are in the book.

The Tide watchers begins in Etaples, France August 16, 1802 and ends in the British Alien Office, Whitehall, London on May 20, 1803.

Lisa Chaplin may be reached at:
I will give this a 4 star rating.
Leona Olson