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Book Review of Rock Point by Carla Neggers

Rock Point by Carla Neggers

"New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers enthralls readers with her suspenseful Sharpe & Donovan series. Read the untold story of one of her most beloved characters in this special prequel novella, Rock Point.
Seven years after suffering an unspeakable loss, Finian Bracken is recently out of seminary and leaving Ireland to serve a small parish in the quaint but struggling fishing village of Rock Point, Maine. Here he meets FBI agent Colin Donovan for the first time…and discovers the dangerous secrets he left back home in Ireland. Smugglers are using the Bracken family's old whiskey distillery as cover for their illicit activities—and the violent group isn't going down without a fight."
Leona's Review

A free download and when the book cover says A Sharpe and Donovan Novella, that is what it is. A short story.

The opinions are my own.

This was an introduction, for me, into the lives of people in Declan's Cross, Ireland and Rock Point, Maine.This is my first read by Carla Neggers. It was a good introduction into other books of the series but short.

I am not crazy about series because I do not always get the rest of the books. I guess any book could extend into a series but I do like endings.
It was a good read and I think well done. The Novella does want you to get the rest of the books to read and solve the mysteries. It did a good job as far as I was concerned, I will read the other books.
The beginning of the book has Father Bracken planning his trip to Maine. His friends are introduced as some of the other characters. Arriving in Maine, he meets Colin Donovan at the waterfront; they become friends and Fin also meets his brothers.
The readers are given descriptions of the food and drink in both places. Last year I visited Maine and like Father Bracken, I was introduced to lobster rolls. Good .
Also the areas are described and the reader become familiar with both Maine and Ireland.
I am giving this read a 4 star because it did hold my attention and made me curious to read the other books.

Some characters;
Father Finian ( Fin) Bracken- a widower who becomes a priest. He moves from Ireland to spend a year at Saint Patrick's Church in Rock Point.
Sally- Dead wife of Fin
Kathleen and Mary- Daughters of Fin and Sally; also dead
Declan Bracken- Brother of Fin
Fidelma- Wife of Declan Bracken
Sean Murphy- Friend of Fin who lives in Ireland; of the Irish police force
Colin Donovan- FBI agent Fin meets in Rock Point
Kitty O'Bryne Doyle- Proprietor of O'Bryne House Hotel in Ireland.
Becan Kennedy- carpenter at Bracken Distillery
Father Callaghan (Father Joseph)- American priest who visiting Ireland for a month
Bracken's ( Whiskey) Distillery -Owned by Fin and Declan. Outside of Killarney.

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I don't normally read these kinds of books but your review makes this one sound interesting. I'm going to look it up on Amazon.

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