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Review of Tougher Than The Rest by Shirleen Davies

Tougher Than The Rest by Shirleen Davies
MacLarens of Fire Mountain (of Arizona Territory)\

Description of the book:

"Niall MacLaren is determined to turn his ranch into the biggest cattle dynasty in the Arizona
Territory. The widower will do whatever he must to obtain the political and financial support required, even marrying a woman he does not love. Nothing will stand in his way.
Katherine is well-bred, educated and seeks a life away from her cloistered existence in the
East. Landing the teaching job in California provides her with the opportunity she seeks. Most
importantly, and unlike many of her peers, she will not need a husband to achieve her goals.
When an accident brings them together, mutual desire takes root, threatening to dismantle
their carefully laid plans and destroy their dreams. Can either of them afford to be distracted by the
passion that unites them---especially when one of them may belong to another?"


The book begins in Ohio in 1866 with the children of Duncan and Elizabeth MacLaren hiding from raiders from West Virginia. Both parents of the children are killed. Niall (15), Jamie (12) and the twins, Will and Drew are now left alone. Niall was told by his father there was money hidden and to go to Arizona Territory to be with his brother, Stuart, if anything ever happened to him.
On the way, they meet a Marshal Trent Garner in St Louis, Missouri who knows the uncle of the boys and helps them.
Niall gets the four of them to the ranch his uncle owns. Aunt Alicia and Uncle Stuart never had children of their own and more than welcome them.
The book skips to Philadelphia in 1878 with Elizabeth and her father talking about her trip to California. A coach accident on the way leaves Kate without memory. She is taken into the home of Stuart and Alicia but with protests from Niall.
Niall has lost his wife, Camille, and also lives in the home with his 6 year old daughter, Beth. He is courting Jocelyn van Deelin with plans to marry without love for political status. Lots of changes when Kate enters the picture.
This is a fast moving book and almost like the beginning of what is happening in the future for the MacLaren family.
I liked the book but would have liked a slower movement and more dialog. I liked the characters and would have liked to see more time spent with them. There is one love scene done tastefully and a couple of what I call somewhat bad language.
Some characters:
Niall MacLaren- main male character, a widower with a child.
Beth- 6 year old daughter of Niall and so much part of the story
Jamie- brother of Nail. Sometimes temperamental.
Will and Drew- twin brothers of Niall
Stuart MacLaren- uncle of the boys/men
Alicia- wife of Stuart and a loving character
Kate- Katherine- main female character
Trent Garner- marshal and friend
Caleb Milton- doctor who was also on the coach in the accident
Gloria Chalmette- friend of Niall
Jocelyn van Deelin- future wife of Niall?
I was sent a complimentary e-book copy of Tougher Than The Rest by Shirleen Davies to read and review. The opinions are my own.
I am give it a low 4 star. I look forward to more of the MacLaren family now that I have met them.
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