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And the Good News Dana Perino

And the Good News Is... Lessons and Advise from the Bright Side by Dana Perino
From her years as the presidential press secretary to her debates with colleagues on Fox News' The Five, Dana Perino reveals the lessons she's learned that have guided her through life, kept her level-headed, and led to her success, even in the face of adversity.

Thoughtful, inspiring, and often surprising, AND THE GOOD NEWS IS . . . traces Dana Perino's unlikely journey through politics and television. It's a remarkable American story-made up of equal parts determination and clear-eyed optimism.

From facing professional challenges and confronting personal fears to stepping up to a podium for a President, Dana has come to expect the unexpected and has an uncanny ability to find the good news in any tough situation. AND THE GOOD NEWS IS . . . takes us from her Western childhood in Wyoming and Colorado to a chance meeting on an airplane that changes her life entirely. Then, with refreshing honesty and humor, she recounts her frustration with a string of unsatisfying jobs and living circumstances until a key career tip leads her back to Washington, D.C. to work for the Bush Administration.

Dana also shares here her best work and life lessons-tips that will help you to get your point across convincingly while allowing your own grace and personality to shine through. As someone who still believes in working together to solve the problems our nation faces, Dana offers clear, practical advice on how to restore civility to our personal and public conversations. The result is a fascinating read that can help anyone become more successful, productive, and joyously content.

Leona's review:

I really liked this book. I have been following Dana and the group on The Five on FOX from the beginning of the show.
For those who think it is all about politics, they need to read this book. She gives praise to many, no matter the side of the aisle they are on for politics.  I find Dana one of the most caring people on TV.

The pictures in the book are good and personal. I think they helped make the book.

Dana writes about President George W. Bush a lot. She mentions how he would give a wink and a smile, something my husband did.
I do know she also cares for President George H. W. Bush as she has talked about him in past.

Dana writes about her love of animals and of Henry, the dog  that died, and now Jasper, America's dog, in her book. I love it when she shows the pictures of Jasper.

She has spent time in Africa, with her husband, helping and caring for others.

Contents of the book are:
Chapter 1. Wide-Open Spaces
Chapter 2. Love at First Flight
Chapter 3. Stepping UP to the Podium
Chapter 4. The Five
Chapter 5. Take It from me- Please
Chapter 6. Civility, Lost and Found
Chapter 7. Unafraid to be Right
One More Thing
About the Author

Introduction: "This book explains the unlikely story of how I  became the White House press secretary, the things I witnessed and learned in that job, and how those experiences eventually led me back to what I wanted to originally- television commentary on politics, policy and culture." (page 11)

Chapter 1: Gives us information about where Dana was born and her family and how close they were; " My grandpa didn't make us walk up the hill to have another go; (sliding down a hill on the snow) instead he watched us slide down and then he'd drive to the bottom to pick us up and take us back to the top."

Chapter 2: Tells of her meeting Peter, her husband on an airplane. " I made it to board before the flight closed. I handed my ticket to the agent and noticed one person behind me." (page 71)

Chapter 3: " The day I learned about becoming the next White House press secretary was the day I planned to resign from the White house." (page 96) We learn of many times Dana is with the President and some of the times the tears came.

Chapter 4: Dana loves her new job at FOX. " One day Brian Kilmeade  filled in for Greg and in a commercial break said to me,  'You know, all those years at the White House I never knew you were funny'. " They talk of politics, what is new in the news, Jasper, food and celebrate birthdays. The liberals also get to speck their mind on The Five so it is not all conservative.

Chapter 5: Lots of advise for many of us. "When I had the idea to write this book, I realized that passing some of these lessons on remained a major motivations." Dana gives three favorite pieces of advice: Quick Fixes, Good  Habits, and Big Picture. On Quick Fixes is ' no Uggs at the office; Good Habits she says to 'share the credit' ; and Big Picture one rule is 'you are who you meet'.

Chapter 6: "Americans understand that Congress is meant for debate and argumentation. But what bothers them it that is seems that elected leaders can't get along at all. Hateful comments have become normal in Washington and that's made for some of our greatest disappointments." (page 206) I think Dana speaks for most of us. Hateful speech does not help anyone.

Chapter 7: "My politics didn't define me then, but because of my interests and what I do for a living, it somehow does now." (page 232) I like this message. I think most of us grow and change.

One more Thing: "Of all the advice I've been given, Margaret Spellings telling me to "Put my big girl panties on and deal with is' is my favorite." (page 235) This is a great message especially to the young adults.

This book is dedicated: To my Bush Administration colleagues.

Dana Perino may be found on Twitter: and also
I checked out this book from my local library.

I give this book a 5 star rating.

Leona Olson


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