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Review of the 5th Edition of The Mystery Shopper's Manual by Cathy Stucker

Book Review of the 5th Edition of The Mystery Shopper's Manual by Cathy Stucker
The Mystery Shopper’s Manual is your complete guide to launching and growing your shopping career, whether you are male or female, whatever your age and wherever you live.

The 7th Edition of The Mystery Shopper’s Manual is now available!

If you are looking for a flexible, fun way to make extra money, mystery shopping may be for you! You can get paid to shop, eat in restaurants, get your hair cut, go to the movies and more . . . and Cathy Stucker will show you how.

This updated and expanded edition of the industry-favorite guide is jammed with tips and insider knowledge. Both beginning and experienced mystery shoppers will become better, more successful shoppers with the information in this manual, including:

A step-by-step plan to get started.
How to avoid the scams.
Getting started without paying to shop.
How to maximize your pay and reimbursements.
What you should say in your reports and how to say it.
How to make your mystery shopping more profitable.

The information in the manual comes directly from the experts–mystery shoppers and the owners of mystery shopping companies. You’ll learn insider secrets about how mystery shopping really works, and you’ll have all the information you need to get started!

This is the first and only book for mystery shoppers to receive the endorsement of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, the international professional association dedicated to mystery shopping. You’ve seen the come-ons about mystery shopping. Now get the truth. This is the book that tells what mystery shopping is really like, and how you can make money as a professional shopper.

I have personally trained more than 10,000 mystery shoppers, and I can help you become successful!

Whether you are just getting started, or ready to take on more shopping assignments, you’ll get the help you need in The Mystery Shopper’s Manual. Get your copy today! The new 7th Edition has even more advanced information for experienced shoppers.

The Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) recognizes that mystery shoppers and prospective mystery shoppers need a resource that will give them the ‘real story’ about mystery shopping…the opportunities, the realities, and how to perform at their peak. Cathy Stucker’s book, The Mystery Shopper’s Manual, provides solid information that offers the mystery shopper reliable information on how to obtain assignments, how to perform them well, and how to ensure that mystery shops are conducted in accord with the wishes of the mystery shopping company and its clients. The Mystery Shopper’s Manual provides a realistic approach to mystery shopping that addresses step-by-step processes for becoming a successful shopper.
– Mystery Shopping Providers Association

Here is what’s new in the 7th Edition:

Every page was reviewed, and changes were made to almost every one.
The content has been expanded by more than 40%.
A few chapters were thrown out completely, and new ones were added. For example, I added an entire chapter on avoiding mystery shopper scams.
Many shoppers will appreciate that the chapter on writing reports was expanded to include more tips and examples.
There is more about shopping with smart phones and using other technology.
The Quick-Start Plan was updated to include additional resources.
The Manual is still great for beginners looking to get started as mystery shoppers, but it also includes more advanced information on subjects such as improving your skills and making more money from mystery shopping.
What got cut? The biggest change is that I removed the list of mystery shopping companies and instead direct you to an online list I can update regularly as new companies emerge.

Even if you have read a previous edition of The Mystery Shopper’s Manual, you will find much that is new here.
Leona's Review:
I have  done some mystery shopping in the past and now I have a granddaughter interested so I found this book at my local library. It is a great book for those who are new to mystery shopping and a good refresher for those who have not done the shopping for awhile.
Cathy gives lots of good pointers of what and how. This book was written in 2002 before so many of us had access to the Internet. Now, I could not see doing mystery shopping without the use of the computer.
There are many sites on the Internet that offer the opportunity for mystery shopping but be aware of some companies. Never pay any company to join.  Cathy goes over this in her book(s).
She has a list of companies to contact. Since this is a 2002 book, check on the Internet to see if they are still active. She also has many suggestion on what is expected of the shopper.
One will not get rich doing this but you can have a good time and get some nice meals.

Cathy Stucker may be reached at: by email and on the web.
I will give this a 4 star rating. It is a short book (192 pages) and you will have to do lots of the legwork on research but it is a great way to begin. My introduction was on a talk on a cruise ship.
Leona Olson

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