Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The King's Christmas List

The King's Christmas List
by Eldon Johnson and Illustrated by Bonnie Leick
As you open the book the drawing looks like a pretty fantasy land to me. The illustrations help tell the story and are well done.
Emma receives an invitation to the King's birthday party that has come through her glowing mailbox. She brings a Christmas cake she has made with her mother as a gift to the King. Emma and her dog, Shu-Shu, ride in a carriage sent by the King. Along the way Emma and Shu-Shu meet people in need and she gives them gifts that relates to their needs.
The story does send a message about giving and sharing and it helps the child to understand this practice, but I find parts of the books would be hard for a very young child to understand. There is a verse from Matthew 25:37-40 about the message of helping others.
My problems with the book is Jesus is supposed to be the King; this King looks like a Black Man, he is on a throne with a crown and lives in a castle. Perhaps, I am thinking too much in the box and am not expanding my imagination.
The "advertising" at the end of the book also bothered me because this book is for a very young child and I am not sure they understand this message. I would have preferred using an idea like the Marines who have Toys for Tots and the child could then buy a gift, with their money, and take it to a place where the Marines collect the toys. This is something the child could see and understand.
I received this complimentary book from Tommy Nelson, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers to read and review. The opinions are my own.

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