Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mozan and the Return of Magic

Mozan and the Return of Magic is a fantasy book for younger teenagers, however as an adult I enjoyed it. This is about five children of royalty who have special abilities or talents, kingdoms and an evil sorceress. The main characters are Mozan from the Kingdom of Mozolean, Harah of the Kingdom of Antorell, Jonas of the Kingdom of Jonatu, Lyra from the Kingdom of Zobora and Floro of the Kingdom of Zianna. The evil sorceress is Alexa, daughter of King Anzon and Queen Mae.The time has come for the coronation of Mozan's brother and everyone is busy; as a second son to the King and Queen, Mozan is ignored when he tries to tell his father that his tutor, Stilpon, has disappeared when they are playing the game the Dragon Hero.
The five children are kidnapped and taken through a portal to the Kingdom of Fyonhaireshizer. There they find that there are really 11 kingdoms and not just the one they live. By using their talents: Mozan is a warrior, Harah has the talents of a beast talker, Jonus can create weather, Frolo is a tree shaman and Lyra controls fire, they try to work together to fight the evil Alexa.
The book had demons, gargoyles, evil, good, fantasy, magic and dragons. Mozan and the Return of Magic has good descriptions such as a smell like rotten cabbage and vile green smoke that I think this age of kids would like. There is a map at the front of the book and it adds to the story.
The book reminds me of a Harry Potter type book and it keeps the pages turning. I first though it would be like the games the kids play but soon discovered it was not. There will be other books to follow in this series.
A good book for the Christmas Holidays or a birthday present. This will keep the kid's attention and encourage them to read. It has messages of good and evil, working as a team and not realizing how important someone was until they are gone.
I received a complimentary copy of Mozan and the Return of Magic to read and review from Library Thing and the author, Stephan Davied. The opinions are my own.

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