Friday, October 22, 2010

Vermilion by Phyllis A. Whitney

The book begins with Lindsay Phillips learning of the sudden death of her father, Jed Phillips. Her half-sister's husband, Rick Adams, brings the body back to Connecticut to bury him. At one time, Rick and Lindsay had feelings for each other but Rick married Sybil and they moved to Arizona. Lindsay's half-sister, Sybil, and Lindsay have never had a good relationship. The mother who raised Lindsay dies a few months after the death of her father. Lindsay continues her career as a fashion designed in New York.About a year later, Lindsay receives an anonymous letter telling her she should go the Sedona to find the truth about the death of her father and her half-sister's connection to it. She goes to Arizona and stays in the guest house of Sybil and Rick. The book is filled with many characters and the reader is trying to make the connections with all the facts that are given. There is death, mystery, love, hate, malice and uncertainly in the book.Descriptions of Arizona, the sunsets and landscape is visual and vivid. History of the Hopi and their beliefs make the book interesting. The men did the weaving at one time as an example and there were clans of the tribe. The word Silvercloud has more than one meaning for Lindsay. Rick is interested in Lindsay continuing her fashion design in Arizona and the book is full of details on design. For readers who like to sew, Lindsay uses a red tomato pin cushion; those are the little details that help make the book.I liked this book as a quick read and not so detailed to make it a hard read. Leona ( )

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