Monday, October 25, 2010

Snare of Serpents by Victoria Holt

Snare of Serpents by Victoria Holt
The book begins with the main character, Davina Glentyre, who lives in Edinburgh with her parents. Her mother dies in the first few pages of the book and she gets a new governess, Zillah Grey, replacing her old governess, Lilias Milne who has been accused of theft.
The death of her father, David Ross Glentyre, from arsenic is blamed on Davina and she is judged not proven, which is neither innocent or guilty but an acquittal. (This is a term still used in Scottish courts). Her lawyer, Ninian Grainger, believes her innocent and he becomes an important part of her life.
Davina changes her name and begins a new life in South Africa with her old governess and friend, Lilias.
The mystery of her father's death continues and so does her relationship with Ninian and Zillah.
The book has mystery, love, betrayal, death and questioning. There is also some historical facts such as Holyrood House, a palace in Edinburgh (I have visited there in the past-Leona) and the use of the word bawbee, an old Scottish coin. There are letters written to Davina and her replies, which I think add to the book. Descriptions are good and brings interest to the Snare of Serpents. As usual, another good read and page turner from Victoria Holt. Usually, I can get through these books quickly and can lay down the book and come back to it; this one was different.
Enjoy the read.

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